About Us

Our start :

An entrepreneur, social activist and Master degree holder in Marketing and sales management, Hanane is passionate to implement her knowledge in the service of craftsmanship. No coincidence, she is also a crafter and a lover of old souks in Marrakech.

Using fiber, textiles, leather, fur, and wooden materials─ this field is known but the returns are low because of the poor marketing channels and absence of adequate product promotion services which is challenging to artisans as she observed.

Through YOURSGIFT, she wanted to improve the diversity of the products, to include product and skills development and marketing. And here it is now possible under the EMaâlem platform and joined with her team.

The heart and mind behind it ...

Hanane and Chaymaa are two brand lovers, building a strategy for EMaalem and promoting the Moroccan handicraft to the world… They both believe in this cause-based-way of doing business and want to highlight the Moroccan creativity and authenticity in thinking and crafting beauty.

Where we are :

The artisans have enormous potential and talent when seen from the life-skills point of view. Our fundamental reason is that their lives are very close to human connections. They spend a lot of time working with people and making a reality what they ask for. The fact that most of the craft traditions are old-generation based and generating low income for small artisans, in a world where passion and patience are key to creativity and originality. They are our example showing human nature that tends to devoting self to others, and we couldn’t honor this bonding more but through gifting by presenting their artwork as gifts to the world.

Setting up a gift store website:

The purpose of starting www.emaalem.com is for promoting the creativity of artisans crafting redesigned gifts, also creating income opportunities for the independent crafters who have aptitude and skills that need to be known. AND most importantly, it is to establish business growth mindset within the artisans community through the training module that we are implementing.

Our future :

We have targeted 25 artisans as a pilot project and empowered them with digital and entrepreneurial skills to start their brands and sell online.
As we implement more training modules under EMaâlem. The artisan community will be encouraged to implement new designs as they work and explore a whole different use and combination of materials. This will be done by providing them the necessary materials, supervisory input, business advice and insights into packaging and marketing, all in a practical manner by creating opportunities and expanding their artworks.