From YOURSGIFT to EMaâlem …


Feelings are information, they will always guide us to our inner wisdom and the right path to follow and where you heart belongs.


No matter at what age, everyone loves to receive a beautiful gift from the heart crafted with love and extra care specifically for them.


Everything in life begins with connection, learning to connect first with ourselves to create a relationship from the inside out.

There is always a story behind …

“Have you ever received a gift that continues to brighten your heart through days? Do you still remember the first gift you have ever received? A gift that was designed only for you? Do you remember the person who gave it to you? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone? Do you believe in the emotional value of every gesture, every word, and every gift?

I think you should take some time and think, you obviously got some answers and you feel something… So, if you’re still reading, that’s a good first step. I asked myself the same questions months ago, and here I am sharing with you the journey of making YourSGift.

In my thesis, I worked on loyalty and brand image, I always wanted to highlight the importance of emotions even in business so my research results confirmed it all, it was something I had passion for to transmit it to the hearts of my graduation jury and also the company I worked for as an intern, and it was a Success!

In my whole life, I noticed that I was afraid of almost everything. The only thing I wasn’t afraid of is to show and follow my emotions. I trust them with my entire being. It is my only connection to my true self and others.

My joy is in people’s stories celebrating memories, feelings, moments, smiles and laughter. And when this celebration comes with gifts, it becomes more special. It is common for people to give, it might be time and presence, a word, an item…in moments of joy or sadness, anything we receive from the other is heaven.

I still know nothing of life. Yet now there are emotions and gifts. I give my heart and soul to this website idea. I bow to the transmission of gifts and the burning desire for the miracle of emotions and connecting people to each other.

Every gift is now a prayer, an honoring, and a celebration of emotions and human connection. I give Special thanks to whom first gave me the most precious gifts in my life, I will always have you in my heart and mind, for that is all there is left I got the inspiration to start YOURSGIFT that the impact of everything beautiful remain eternal”